Career advice during Covid-19
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Coronavirus: Job searching following the pandemic

career change post covid-19

Google searches relating to changing jobs have more than doubled during lockdown and this is a trend we expect to continue in the legal sector.  With many lawyers working from home for the last four months and others lawyer’s being furloughed or facing potential redundancy, career paths have been on a lot of people’s minds […]

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Coronavirus: What has been the direct impact on the legal sector?

legal sector

With the covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns that have been put in place across the globe, there has been an effect on most, if not all job sectors.  A lot of data has been released around how different sectors have been hit, but how has the legal sector fared? Going Remote Many law firms […]

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How To Become A Legal Expert

how to become a legal expert

In our recent blog post, we gave you tips on how to make your next telephone interview a success, and today, we will tell you about the necessary qualities in order to become a respected legal expert. Hone Your People Skills   While to be a good lawyer you need to be very knowledgeable and skilled, […]

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Advice For Legal Careers Interviews

  We have recently shared our tips to make your CV stand out and maximise your chances of securing an interview, and today we will be giving you more legal career advice to help ensure your interview goes as smoothly as possible.   Many of our candidates ask us for advice on how to give […]

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Telephone Interview Tips

phone interview

A phone interview is often the first stage in the recruiting process, where an employer will go over your skills and experience to try and get a feel for your both your relevant experience and personality to then decide if they will give you a face to face interview. A phone interview can be a […]

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Steps to Finding an International Legal Role

steps to find an international legal job

If you are considering an overseas legal role as the next move in your legal career, then preparing ahead of time is key for a stress-free and efficient job hunt. Our points below, we will help you prepare for your search for an international legal job with a few simple steps to get you started. […]

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The Perks of Working in a Large Law Firm

largest uk law firms

There is no question that the legal sector is becoming increasingly dominated by large, national and international law firms. Working in a small or medium-sized office and working in a large firm are very different experiences, and they both have advantages and disadvantages. In order to make an informed decision about the next step in […]

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CV Writing Tips for Lawyers

When applying for a new role and hoping to get an interview, making your CV stand out is far from easy. Most lawyers now have similar educational backgrounds and skills, and in order to stand out, you need to make sure your CV showcases your talent. It can be difficult to know which kind of experience […]

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Private Practice v In-House – How Do I Make that Choice?

We previously gave tips on the most important question you should be prepared for  during an interview, and in this post we will highlight the top 3 differences between working in private practice v in-house to help you take your legal career in the right direction. It is necessary that you become aware of the […]

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